Body Discovered In Suitcase Could Be Missing Dublin-Based Mum

2022-05-29 04:35:51 By : Ms. Lin Zhang

That’s according to Luigi Conti, the lawyer of Li Yinglei’s husband, Daniel Belling, who revealed that the body found doesn’t match the description of the missing woman.

He said: ‘The body in the suitcase is 170cm in height, but Daniel Belling’s wife is smaller than that. I am told it is a different type of body than that of Mr Belling’s wife.’

However, pathologist Giuseppe Fortuni told The Sun: ‘I have not yet seen the body and only have the briefest details from the police – that she was a young, oriental lady aged about 35-40 in an advanced state of decomposition and possibly dismembered.’

Li Yinglei was last seen on February 10th on a Mediterranean cruise with her husband, 45-year-old Daniel Belling, and her two young children.

Belling is the prime suspect in the investigation into his wife’s disappearance. He was arrested in Italy after he tried to board a Ryanair flight with his children on February 20th.

Belling has been denied bail and remains in prison in Italy. Meanwhile, the couple’s two sons are staying with family in Germany.

Li Yinglei’s mother has been to visit Belling. Though she admits the couple fought during their marriage, she doesn’t believe he had anything to do with her disappearance.

Speaking on the Chi L’Ha Visto show, she said: ‘I have a very good relationship with Daniel. He is a very good person. I don’t think he could have hurt my daughter.’

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